We’re a Romanian team made up of two passionate, award-winning individuals: a long-haul pilot and his experienced co-driver. We are driving on full throttle and training for new competitions as our goal for 2019 is to take part once again in all 8 stages of the National Rally Championship: and, mostly, to be on the podium.

If you were wondering what we did last year, @H Group/ @National 11, there you go: 1st place @Tess Rally Brasov, 1st place @Transylvania Rally – Cluj Napoca, 2nd place @Sibiu Rally and 3rd place @Harghita Rally. So we finished the season on 3rd place @General. Not bad for the beginning, right?

This year we want to compete by driving a racing car... full of stickers, with the FACES of the people or the brands that support us. Or with the faces of all those who have received a cool, original gift from their friends. This works too!
Let's raise, race and ... shine! Pop the champagne and see you at the start! 3, 2, 1, go!


Motorsport is super-cool sport, but also a very expensive one. We have it in our blood since we were kids. Each participation in a new competition, however, requires, in addition to intense training, a considerable financial effort. However, with your help, we are sure that we will successfully check the entire competition calendar this year.

Now, you will just have to decide… Are you a FAN, an ANGEL or THE GODFATHER? Donate for one of these three cool packages to support us and help us stay on the fast lane!


Ready, steady, GO... Are you in the mood for crazy ideas or you don't know what gift to buy for a dear one? Stick your/ his/ her face on #324 rally car!

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Promote yourself through an authentic sport! Winners take everything - record and interest, man! Sounds a little bit like showing off, but it actually is.

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Companies are helping us, we are promoting their brands and... we win together. We've prepared "an offer you can not refuse": Come on, join the team and be THE GODFATHER!

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Passion? Plenty of it!
Adrenaline? In our blood.
The budget for this year? Missing. That’s why we need everybody’s help and… we raise to race.
Our needs are here. Each donation will get us closer to Start!
Tell you friends and colleagues to join the campaign and help us fulfill our dream. Trust us. It will be fun!

LICENSES: Thanks for your support! We have a license, we have value ... Our team is the best!

REGISTRATION: 500 €It is important to participate in a rally! That's what all pilots say. We want to win it for you! But to participate, we first have to pay for the registration fee. Who can support us with this?

Tires: 3.500 € (8 X slick) We do not bet on the wheel of fortune. We need 8 new tires to get to the finish line and your donation will help us stay on track!

FUEL 2.500 € 500 (Our Van & Recognition & The Race). ). Adrenaline in the driver’s seat and a lot of fuel in the tank! We have already checked the first one, so we would be more than happy if you could help us with the fuel!

CONSUMABLES : 2.000 € (BRAKE FLUID, BRAKE SPRAY ETC.):When speeding up at the rally, one does not have to worry about the brakes! But we are only at the start...

ASSISTANCE: 1.500 € The planetary is ruined, we lose the direction and hit a tree on the road. God forbids! This is why assistance is mandatory!

RACE CAR REVISION: MINIMUM 3.000 € Mechanics are our friends, but they do not work for free. We tried to persuade them to do so, but no chance...

CROWNED CAR: 1.200 €We have a powerful car, but to make it visually seductive, we need to get some money out of your pocket. Well, because we had the idea to stick on it each supportive face, we must pay attention each time we welcome a FAN, an ANGEL or a GODFATHER on our team!

ACCOMMODATION & FOOD: 1.500 €/ 5 NIGHTS (9 PERSONS – us & the mechanics) Traveling costs a lot money: food just like at mamma’s home is quite expensive and also, when you must sleep in the car with the whole team, you have no chance of being a champion. We do not want to stay at 5 stars hotel, but a pension will do!

MEDIA PACKAGE: 1.500 € Breaking news! We really want to beat the footballers when it comes to the number of appearances in the press & social media. So, during the race, we need to be filmed and highlighted.
Do you?

21 – 22 of June

Moldova [Bacau] Rally

Tic-Tac, Tic-Tac ... Time is running out, and we want to get to the start of a new rally stage. Tell your friends and hope they’ll support us too!



Romanian Rally Championship 2019

02 - 04 of May: Arges Rally (Transfagarasan) - 1st Place @ H Group [Class11]
24 – 25 of May: Arad Rally – 4th place @ H Group [Class11] - technical issue
21 – 22 of June: Moldova [Bacau] Rally
12 – 13 of July: Harghita Rally
26 – 27 of July: Sibiu Rally
06 – 07 of September: Iasi Rally
28 – 29 of September: Transilvania Rally [Cluj Napoca]
18 – 19 of October: Brasov Rally